My Platform

  • Encouraging Smart & Unique Development.
    Smart and unique development will improve our quality of life, ensure financial stability and help us retain our originality. When there may be a need for new construction, that decision needs to be carefully weighed against our community’s values, needs and character—Otherwise we risk slowly eroding the high quality of life and unique characteristics that make our town special.  I will promote smart and unique development by:

    • Considering all elements of development projects, as well as their impacts on our financial health and community, including net tax base, schools and services, traffic, environment and alignment with our community’s values and goals.
    • Listening to residents and advisory boards who represent our community and weighing their recommendations before voting on development decisions.
    • Prioritizing the interests of current residents over those of developers and investors—while trying to find common ground to ensure beneficial development.
    • Advocating for a “town-wide” approach to all development that takes into account the impact of any project on our entire community, as opposed to the current “focus zone” approach, which does not account for a project’s impact beyond the immediate development area.
    • Working to incorporate more attractive architecture into form based code.
  • Fostering a Diverse & Inclusive Community.
    We need to keep Chapel Hill affordable and welcoming for those who teach our children, enrich our community with the arts and keep us safe. We won’t be able to do this without making economic and cultural diversity part of our town’s core set of values. If elected, I won’t just “talk” about diversity and inclusion. I will apply these important values to the decision-making process by:

    • Protecting at-risk neighborhoods and communities from overdevelopment that makes housing unaffordable and pushes valuable members and lifelong residents of our community further out into the county or to surrounding towns.
    • Considering the impact of town council decisions on the makeup of our entire community, including those populations that may be incentivized to stay or leave based on specific decisions.
    • Consulting with minority group stakeholders throughout any debate or evaluation process to make sure the council accounts for all perspectives.
    • Welcoming diverse groups and individuals to participate in town council discussions and decisions, as well as advisory boards and steering committees.
  • Promoting Social Justice.
    We’ve always been are a community of caring, involved and thoughtful residents who see social causes and social justice as integral to our way of life—even when this value conflicts with other interests. I will keep our community focused on social justice by:

    • Voting for the interests of at-risk and minority populations so they can stay in their homes and participate equally in all aspects of life in Chapel Hill.
    • Expanding EZ Rider service hours and days of operation to ensure this service is available when disabled members of our community need it.
    • Working toward sensible public transit options that operate at locations and times that make sense for those who live and work in Chapel Hill and help reduce the carbon footprint caused by unnecessary automobile use.
    • Listening to voices from across the community, not just those who have the most resources or political sway.
  • Keeping Our Schools Strong.
    As a K-12 policy expert, I understand the impacts of town zoning and building decisions on our public schools. As a parent who moved here for the schools, my interest in keeping our schools strong is also personal. I plan on protecting Chapel Hill Schools—our most valuable asset—by:

    • Contributing my own perspective—both as a K-12 educational policy expert and a parent—to ensure our town’s decisions don’t have unintended consequences for our schools, such as classroom overcrowding.
    • Involving school board representatives and local education leaders in planning discussions to make sure we understand the ramifications on our schools.
    • Supporting initiatives that increase the net tax base so our schools stay financially viable and well resourced.
  • Supporting Local Businesses & Our Downtown Area.
    Local businesses, particularly on Franklin Street, have been a big part of Chapel Hill’s identity. I intend to helping to further the unique character of our downtown area by:

      • Establishing a revolving loan fund, similar to the one Carrboro used to fund Weaver Street Market, to help unique, local businesses get off the ground.
      • Protecting local businesses from being moved or shut down due to rezoning.
      • Advocating for more parking to support commerce in the downtown area.

  • Leading Our Town to the Cutting Edge.
    A unique aspect of my vision involves helping Chapel Hill to become a cutting-edge community that still reflects its traditional values—specifically environmental stewardship and originality. I will lead our town to exciting new places by:

    • Looking at ways we can support more environmentally-friendly forms of transportation in the future, such as charging stations for electric cars and buses.
    • Changing form-based code to include more innovative architecture and incentivizing energy efficiency so we meet the American Institute of Architects’ challenge so all renovations, buildings an developments become carbon neutral by 2030.
    • Promoting novel urban tree planting programs on major streets.
    • Pushing to declare Chapel Hill a Solar Community and encouraging homeowners, businesses and UNC to begin to utilize solar energy systems on their buildings.
    • Providing workspace and funding for creative startups that come out of UNC and LAUNCH.